The Missouri Ethics Commission has voted to rescind its actions of a September 11 th meeting, during which the Commission decided to notify candidates who received excess contributions those candidates might be in violation of the law.

The Commission took its latest action in a hastily called meeting late Wednesday afternoon, and did so in a telephone conference call.

The Commission has come under fire over its September 11th meeting, in which commissioners met secretly for part of the gathering. The Missouri Republican Party has filed a lawsuit, claiming a violation of the Sunshine Law.

In Wednesday’s telephone conference call, Commissioner Ken Legan told fellow commissioners that while he does not believe there was any wrongdoing, it would be wise to erase what had been done. Commissioner Michael Kilgore agreed and suggested the actions be rescinded with the Supreme Court ruling being taken up at the Commission’s next regularly scheduled meeting, which is October 4 th . At that time, the public will be invited to submit comments.

Missouri Republicans, who had requested a temporary restraining to stop the Commission from taking any action, are likely to that request, which is now moot. But their lawsuit regarding alleged Sunshine violations moves forward.


Download/Listen: Missouri Ethics Commission Conference Call (6:45 MP3)