Five game losing streak, four games under .500, three walked batters, two flubbed fly balls, and a Grand Slam in the third inning.  You know, if you sing that to the tune of the 12 Days Of Christmas, it’s kind of catchy, but the reality is, that’s a recap of game one of this three game set for the Cardinals in Cincinnati.

A 7-2 loss was bad enough to drop the Cardinals four game behind the Brewers.  To add insult to injury, the way they lost was awful.  With the game tied 1-1 heading into the bottom of the third, Cards starter Mark Mulder walks Jorge Cantu.  Ken Griffey Jr hits a fly ball to right field that Rick Ankiel dropped after he lost sight of the ball and thought Jim Edmonds would take.  The hit was ruled a double although it was clearly an error on Ankiel’s part.  Mulder walks the next guy and Adam Dunn follows with a 471 foot shot to center field for a grand slam.  Mulder then gave up another walk and single and with two outs in the inning, Reds starter Matt Belisle hit a deep fly ball to right that Ankiel in his own words said he "alligator armed" which dropped allowing two more runs to score.