A low-level tornado hit southwest Missouri’s Clever early this morning, whipping up winds of 65-to-85 miles an hour. The tornado tore off the roof of the People’s Bank, spraying insulation over the parking lot. Employees say it appeared it had snowed.

The tornado hit Clever around 5:30 this morning. It grew out of a massive storm that hit southwest Missouri. The National Weather Service can only confirm the tornado in Clever. Meteorologist Megan Terry confirms that a low-level tornado, a FO, touched down in Clever. She says spotters reported a funnel cloud near Roaring River State Park in Barry County, but the there hasn’t been confirmation of a tornado. In fact, she says park employees couldn’t find any damage from the storm this morning.

The storms in southwest Missouri packed strong winds and brought a lot of rain. Neosho and Marshfield reported two inches of rain this morning and 1.4 inches of rain fell on Springfield.