The state health department has a how-to book for dealing with the next killer flu epidemic. Worse than an epidemic, in fact. A pandemic, which is much worse.

The department’s 12-page book is written for the layman, with a one-two-three step format, and easily understandable language detailing what people need to think about and need to do when a pandemic hits.

Department spokesman Brian Quinn says a lot of the information is based on what people should do when they cannot get to a doctor or to a hospital. He says doctor’s offices and hospitals are likely to be overrun if the pandemic is as bad as it could be. Quinn says people need to know how to care for themselves, their families, and their neighbors.

He says some non-traditional care centers might be set up–including facilities at churches. He says the department is taking a community-wide, statewide approach to dealing with a pandemic.

The department is not saying one is going to be here soon. Quinn says nobody knows when a flu pandemic will strike. But he says history shows we’re about due for one.

He says the booklet has been written form the ALL HAZARDS approach–with advice that will work for any kind of disaster–bad storms, power outages and the like.

The booklets are available from doctors, public health agencies, or through the department website.


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