The legislature is on the verge of making ticket scalping legitimate. There is not much incentive to be a ticket scalper in Missouri today. It’s not legal to sell la ticket for more than its original cost. The only way to make a profit is to be a criminal…or as lobbyist

Ticket scalping is considered economic development by some people.  It’s part of the economic development bill that’s important enough to merit special legislative session consideration.

The economic development bill before the Senate today legalizes ticket scalping and says local governments cannot ban it. That’s good news for St. Louis Cardinals lawyer Ron Waterman, who says Major League Baseball already has set up its own scalping outlet that would operate through the Cardinals website, giving fans a safe, secure way to buy and sell tickets–if ticket scalping is legalized in Missouri.   It is legal just across the state lines from Missouri’s major league cities. .

Waterman says legalization of scalping could let season ticket holders who pay below-regular prices for their tickets make a killing for events they can’t attend or don’t want to attend.

Backers say the internet has left scalping laws obsolete. Lobbyists for all of Missouri’s major league sports teams have endorsed its legalization.


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