What some political observers have referred to as "the other bill" being dealt with during the special session of the Legislature in Jefferson City comes up for debate Thursday on the floor of the House.

HB 2 is a bill intended to fix a glitch in the law that has stood in the way of the State Transportation Department awarding a single bid to repair and maintain 802 bridges in dire need of repair or replacement because of requirements for the performance bonds the contractor would need.

House Transportation Committee Chairman Neal St. Onge (R-Ellisville) says the legislation will simply allow MoDOT to guarantee a contractor that the money will be there for this 30-year project. Current bonding language would allow a contractor to design and build a bridge. The new language will allow the contractor to maintain the bridge over three decades.

The bridge repair bill is part of this special session in addition to a major economic development bill that replaces one vetoed by Governor Blunt following the regular session.

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