A compromise has been reached on the major economic development bill approved this past legislative session, but vetoed by Governor Blunt. The Missourinet has learned that HB327 has been trimmed drastically from its pricetag as approved this session of more than $200 million dollars to around $70 million and that Governor Blunt is expected to call the legislature back into session beginning Monday, August 20th. Legislative leaders have been working since Blunt vetoed the bill to fashion a measure Blunt will sign. Those close to the negotiations believe they have stripped the bill of provisions with which Blunt objected and narrowed it to the governor’s specifications. The compromise version also had to satisfy objections made by a few Republican senators. Blunt vetoed the bill even though it contained his administration’s primary economic development tool: an expansion of the Quality Jobs Program. The compromise version would increase the annual cap polaced on the program from $12 million to $40 million.