An inmate serving a death sentence at the Potosi Prison has died of natural causes.

Inmate Brian Kinder has apparently died of throat cancer at the Potosi Prison, though the State Corrections Department will not disclose the cause of death. Kinder had applied for a medical parole, saying that he was dying of throat cancer and wanted to die at home rather than in prison. The State Board of Probation and Parole denied Kinder’s request on July 16 th .

Though Kinder was open about his medical condition, the Corrections Department says it cannot be. Corrections Department spokesman, Brian Hauswirth, says he is prohibited from disclosing an inmate’s medical condition and won’t even say whether throat cancer is considered a natural cause of death.

Kinder had been sentenced to die for the 1990 rape and beating of a woman. He also had been incarcerated on two other murder convictions as well as convictions for armed criminal action and rape. Kinder was 47.