The Missouri Republican Party has submitted a written brief to the Missouri State Supreme Court in response to the Court’s ruling striking down the new campaign finance law.

Republican Party Executive Director Jared Craighead says the GOP is making a two part request. First, it asks the Supreme Court judges to reconsider their ruling in light of what the Republican Party claims is Attorney General Jay Nixon’s conflict of interest in the case. The Republicans claim the Attorney General, whose office defended the law, did not give the best effort because Nixon – the likely Democratic candidate for Governor in 2008 – stood to benefit if the plaintiffs won because he trails incumbent Republican Matt Blunt by a wide margin in campaign contributions.

Second, barring a reversal, Craighead would like the court to allow contributions made in excess of the previous limits to remain with the campaigns and not returned to contributors.

The Court has given interested parties until this Friday to submit briefs pertaining to the ruling.

Missouri Rerpublican Party Executive Director Jared Craighead (:45 MP3)