A case of rabies in Franklin County prompts state health officials to remind people of the dangers of rabies.

State Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Howard Pue, says you must act quickly if someone is bitten by an animal. First, see a doctor who will do a risk assessment. If the animal is tested and determined to be rabid, the series of rabies shots must begin immediately. Even if the animal is suspected of being rabid, the treatment should begin. It’s too late if you wait until symptoms develop. The Department of Health and Senior Services has more information on rabies.

Pue says no one should take a suspected case of rabies lightly. He says around 60 rabid animals are discovered in Missouri each year with many more animals being rabid.

A teen-age girl was bitten by a rabid bat while lying in her bed. Franklin County officials say the bat entered the bedroom from the attic. The girl began a series of shots and is expected to fully recover.

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