Missouri’s Secretary of State, the state’s chief election authority, wants Missouri voters to be able to vote early, but has been frustrated by a lack of votes in the General Assembly.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan readily acknowledges the frustration that Missouri has yet to approve early voting when 30 other states have.  The General Assembly blocked Carnahan’s attempt to institute early voting. Early voting would allow Missourians to cast ballots during the two weeks up to the election date. It differs from absentee balloting, now allowed in Missouri. A Missourian can vote absentee prior to an election date if they provide a reason, such as sickness or being out-of-town on Election Day. Carnahan says absentee balloting requires paperwork and process, which she says Missourians shouldn’t be required to give a reason to vote early.

Carnahan says she’s also frustrated, because she’s pushing the same thing the governor pushed when he was in the office.  Carnahan is a Democrat. Governor Blunt is a Republican. Carnahan points out Blunt backed early voting when he was Secretary of State. Carnahan adds that the issue shouldn’t be seen as helping either Republicans or Democrats, but as helping voters. 

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