A condemned prison inmate who does not want to die in prison apparently will, but not by lethal injection. 

Prisoner Brian Kinder has been under the death sentence for 15 years for raping a woman and beating her to death with a pipe in 19-90.  He says his throat cancer is terminal.  He’s lost his voice box.  He says he has only months to live and wants to die outside of prison. 

The state board of probation and parole has rejected his request for medical parole.   Board chairman Steven Long says the biggest issue is whether Kinder would still be a risk to the public .He says it’s a "certainty" that Kinder would still be a danger.

Nobody on the parole board can recall a prisoner under the death sentence in Missouri ever asking for a medical parole.  The parole board has granted about 20 medical releases a year in recent years but none have been people under sentence of execution. Long thinks a death sentence trumps any request for a medical release.

A cousin of the woman Kinder killed had told the parole board Kinder should stay in prison until he dies. Long says such statements do carry weight with the board.  

Kinder is not facing imminent execution.  Earlier this year Attorney General Jay Nixon asked the Missouri Supreme Court to set execution dates for ten inmates.  Kinder is not one of those ten.


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