Governor Blunt continues to tour the state, holding ceremonial signings of bills. This time, Blunt visits several cities to talk up the benefits of HB 444 , the Social Security tax cut bill that he has signed into law.

The law will eliminate the state income tax on most Social Security benefits, but not all. The tax cut is limited to individual Social Security recipients making up to $25,000; for couples making up to $32,000. Bill sponsor, House Speaker Rod Jetton (R-Marble Hill), sought to eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits completely, but compromised with lawmakers who wanted to target the tax to low-income retirees and decrease the amount taken from the state budget. The tax cut is expected to total $154 million annually when fully implemented in six years.

Blunt has been traveling the state the past few weeks, holding ceremonial bill signings. The governor again started his tour in his hometown of Springfield. He scheduled stops in Kansas City, Columbia, Maplewood and St. Charles.

In St. Charles, Blunt signed HB 184 , called the Children’s Services Protection Act. It requires a city or county that levies a sales tax for children’s programs to reimburse the community children’s services fund if any of the revenue is diverted to a tax increment financing project. 

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