A stunt plane, participating in Trenton’s sesquicentennial celebration, has gone down in Lake Trenton, injuring the two people on board.

Reporter Dave Counsell with Missourinet affiliate KTTN says he was watching the plane when it began having trouble and went down into Lake Trenton. The plane, a vintage 1942 light plane, had completed several stunts and appeared to be heading back for a landing when it went down.

Pilot Ed Duckworth of Liberty suffered moderate injuries, as did a passenger in the plane. Her name has not been released. Duckworth spoke briefly with a relative before being taken to a local hospital by ambulance. He indicated that his controls locked up while over the water. The wheels of the plane hit the water and it flipped, then sank. Duckworth told a relative his head actually landed in mud at the bottom of the lake before he swam to the surfaced and helped his passenger out.

Trenton is celebrating its 150th birthday along with Independence Day.

Download/listen Reporter Dave Counsell reports from the scene. (:21 MP3)