One of the top officers of Missouri’s biggest power companies says the company has nothing to hide…and he’s confident the Public Service Commission will learn nothing new it its ongoing investigation of the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse.

Ameren CEO Thomas Voss has some trouble understanding why the Public Service Commission thinks there might be something fishy about relocation of water level sensors on the Taum Sauk dam…or that there are significant gaps in the information about the dam.  He says Ameren has been totally cooperative with state and federal investigators and everything the PSC needs to know is in the voluminous report prepared by the Highway Patrol. There are no gaps, he says. He says it’s difficult to go through the two-thousand page report, but he says all information is in the document.  It will just take some effort to find it.

He says Ameren plans to rebuild the reservoir back to the generating capacity it had before the collapse and expects a federal license to do that in a matter of weeks.  He does not think the PSC staff investigation is delaying the settlement talks with the state on the damages…and the restoration of Johnson Shut-ins State Park. But he says the restoration could be delayed if the staff study goes beyond July 30th.


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