A Missouri Congressman is back from a place where Global Warming is not a political issue—-it’s a reality.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City has been part of a congressional delegation to Europe to meet with scientists and political leaders to talk about solutions to global warming…

The trip included a stop to Greenland, where a harbor 170 miles north of the Arctic circle is open water, not ice; where flies are showing up; where fish are being caught that have never been there before because the water is warm enough for them now. Cleaver says animals are able to graze longer now than they used to be able to graze, another indication something dramatic is happening to the climate.

He says every Greenlander the delegation spoke with expressed fears about what was happening to their land. Cleaver says they have told the delegation they have never seen what is happening now.

Cleaver has heard claims in this country that global warming is a natural thing, not something requiring a severe response. He says Greenlanders "know nothing about charges that this is a hoax. All they know is that it is getting warmer."

He calls global warming an "international crisis."



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