A judge in Jefferson City has denied a request to issue a temporary restraining order stopping Friday’s scheduled takeover of St. Louis Public Schools by an appointed interim board.

During final arguments attorney Johnny Richardson, representing members of the elected board, argued irreparable harm would come to board members, parents, and children as a result of the change of school boards.

In response, Assistant Attorney General Paul Wilson argues the State Board felt the need to take action in a situation in which a school system was underperforming. He added that while the plaintiffs might not like what has happened, but they have not proven their case.

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan agreed. In his written ruling, the judge explained that several criteria must be met before a temporary restraining order should be issued, including "a strong likelihood of success of the lawsuit on the ultimate merits." Callahan then added, "the Court is unable to say at this time that petitioners are likely to prevail on the merits of their lawsuit."

This temporary restraining order issue now settled, more legal action is expected on the underlying issue of the State Board’s decision to unaccredit the St. Louis School District. 

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