A strong right-to-life state senator tears into one of the Capitol’s most powerful lobbying organizations, Missouri Right to Life, and says it has gone too far.  

Senator Tim Green, Catholic, proud of a legislative career that has been consistently right to life in his voting record, father of a daughter he calls "the most special thing in my life," voted "no" on a bill that lets schools ignore present sex education guidelines focusing on giving students medically factual information, and letting schools teach only abstinence.  

He says he was ashamed, as a pro-life Senator, that Missouri Right to Life would send him a letter telling him his vote would affect his rating with the organization.  Green says the priorities of Missouri Right to Life are misplaced and charges the organization has been dictating laws for too long and does not worry about the needs of children. 

Green says he attended Catholic schools for 13 years and went to sex education classes that taught contraception. He says he graduated from a Catholic high school that taught the kinds of things about sex that the bill now authorizes schools to prohibit.  

He says he was insulted by the actions that led to passage of the bill. He said Missouri Right to Life pressured lawmakers to vote for it.  Proponents of the legislation shut off debate without allowing opponents to offer any amendments and forced the votes that led to passage.

The bill becomes state law when Governor Blunt signs it.


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