Governor Matt Blunt is expressing his pleasure over the General Assembly completing work on his plan to authorize the sale of about $350-Million of assets of MOHELA – the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority.

The Governor says this will be positive for Missouri students who will see added scholarships, for institutions of higher learning which will be able to build new facilities, and for the state’s economy as construction projects will get underway as a result of this bill becoming law. No timetable has been set for signing the bill, but the Governor wants to sign it quickly so that colleges and universities can start making plans for this legislation, which would become law on August 28th.

As for the possible of a legal challenge, Blunt says he does not believe a lawsuit would have any merit. He adds legal action would not be in the best interests of Missouri students whose scholarships under the MOHELA plan might be jeopardized by a lawsuit.

Download/Listen: Steve Walsh interviews Governor Blunt (4:20 MP3)