The Recorders Association of Missouri is warning residents of a service being offered through the mail. President Tom Dirnberger says The National Deed Service is sending residents letters which would charge an excessive fee for obtaining copies of their property deeds – documents which he says are easily available to residents for signifcanly less. He says residents can obtain property deeds from their county recorder’s office at a fee of $2 for the first page, $1 for each additional page, and $1 for the document certification. He says most deeds are two pages long and that means an average fee is about $5. But, Dirnberger says the National Deed service is charging residents $60. He says that is simply an exorbitant fee, and residents are being taken advantage of and mislead.

National Deed Service spokesman Barry Isaacson says the letter simply offers residents a hassel-free way to obtain a copy of their deeds. He disputes the letter is misleading in any way. He points out the letter the service sends out does include a disclaimer stating that “government records are available free or at a nominal cost from government agencies.” Isaacson says National Deed Service is one of many such companies that offer similar services for governmental documents. He says if residents don’t want the service they can simply throw out the letter.

AUDIO: Laura McNamara reports (:60MP3)
National Deed Service Letter