A repeal of Missouri’s casino loss limit has barely advanced in the state senate. Senator Charlie Shields was tired, discouraged, and pessimistic late Monday night, fatigued from a filibuster agaisnt his bill that eliminates the loss limits, increases taxes on casinos, and uses much of the money for a college scholarship program.

But he had reconsidered by yesterday afternoon and told fellow senators, "I care too much about my side of the state line….and I’n not going to lett all of that go away because I’m tired, I’m hungry, I want to sleep, and all of that."

Opponents were ready–including Senator John Loudon of St. Louis who said the bill started out as a scholarship program and became a "Save Kansas City" issue.

Shields says the loss limit has to go so Kansas City’s casinos will be able to compete with a new casino just inside Kansas. He says Missouri needs to lose a dubious distinction. It’s the only state in the nation with loss limits on people in casinos.

The Senate has advanced the bill 17-16. It needs 18 votes to go to the House. Shields thinks a Senator who missed last night’s vote will be a "yes" on final passage.

That will move the bill to the House where the climate also is uncertain.

(The bill is SB430)