Governor Blunt’s Jiffy Lube model for state health care gets support from the Senate President Pro-Tem. Senator Mike Gibbons says the state’s actual health care is extraordinarily sophisticated, but he says the business side of health care needs to quit pushing paper and catch up with he 21st century. He says Blunt’s CyberAccess Program, which is modeled after a Jiffy Lube concept based on electronic records would give residents technologically-advanced access to their personal health information. Blunt’s CyberAccess Program is part of his new plan for state healthcare, MO Healthnet.

Better treatment, care and comfort are obvious advantages of electronic health records for Gibbons.  He says accessing the system could work much like a bank card, one swipe could give access to a complete personal health history including all medical records and necessary prescriptions.  He says the information could be constantly updated.

Gibbons dismisses fears that such quick and easy electronic access could mean personal health information would be insecure. He says while there are instances of identity theft with bank cards, the number of such cases compared to the number of bank transactions is relatively infrequent.

Gibbons says it is time to get the business side of healthcare up to speed with the 21st century and offer residents the quality and efficiency they deserve with their healthcare.

AUDIO: Laura McNamara reports (:60 MP3)