The way Jiffy Lube maintians your car is the way Governor Blunt says the state should maintain your health. Blunt stopped in at a Jiffy Lube in Columbia Tuesday morning to explain why the state should model its healthcare around the Jiffy Lube concept. 

Blunt says, "There is no reason vehicles should be treated better than their bodies. People are more important than cars." He says just as Jiffy Lube delivers information about a vehicle, his CyberAccess program will help deliver information - such as prescriptions - quickly and easily to healthcare providers through electronic health records.

The CyberAccess program would be part of the new Mo Healthnet healthcare system that Govenor Blunt is urging lawmakers to pass this year.  The Governor would use $5 million of the $25 million for the Healthcare Technology Fund that was appropriated last year to start the program.  Blunt scheduled more stops in Cape Girardeau, Springfield and St. Joseph to explain his ideas on access to electronic health records.