It’s an old state tradition, but George Kromrey with the state Conservation Department says it still draws excitement. Tomorrow, March 1st marks the official openning of trout season. Bennet Springs State Park, Meramac Spring Park, Montauk State Park and Roaring River State Park will all be kicking off the season with an official openning ceremony. The children of the former hatchery manager will be ringing the bell at Benet Spring State Park and a man who’s been fishing at the Roaring River State Park park for over 75 years will be honored with the season’s first fishing tag for that park. Kromney says the Department expects to hand out about 8,000 tags across the state’s four trout parks. He says the state stocks the lakes with 3 trout per angler and about a 100 lunker-sized trout for openning day, with the average trout stock measuring about12 inches. 

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