A Senate committee hears a proposal aimed at increasing the number of Missourians covered by health insurance.

Senator John Loudon of Chesterfield sponsors SB 556 , legislation to expand health care access through what would be called the Missouri Health Insurance Exchange. Under Loudon’s legislation, small companies with under 25 employees would be required to join this Exchange. Loudon says the Exchange or connector would benefit both employers and employees by bringing together different health company plans, having the employer offer a monthly allowance to each employee to purchase insurance, and giving the employee the choice of plan that would best suit his or her needs.

While there is no mandate requiring an employee to purchase affordable health care coverage, that employee would be held accountable if there is a need for medical services. A person with the finanancial wherewithal to buy insurance, but who chooses not to buy, could see the Revenue Department demanding that the state be reimbursed for the costs incurred.

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