Missouri’s delegation in the United States House split along party lines in the vote on the resolution opposing President Bush’s planned troop surge for Iraq.  Democrats Skelton, Cleaver, Carnahan, and Clay were among 246 Representatives voting "yes.,"   Republicans Akin, Hulshoff, Emerson, Graves, and Blunt were among 182 members of the House voting "no."

Seventeen Republicans from other states joined 229 Democrats voting for the resolution.  Skelton was one of three co-sponsors.  Included with this story are the five-minute speeches given as part of the debate from eight of Missour’s nine members of the House.  We thank C-SPAN for making this material available.

Listeners will hear the voices of Congressman Skelton, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and Missouri’s senior member of Congress; Roy Blunt of Strafford, who is the Minority Whip; Todd Aiken, also a member of the House Armed Services committee; along with William Lacy Clay, Jo Ann Emerson, Kenny Hulshoff, and Emanuel Cleaver.

Download/Listen to floor speeches on the resolution (45 min MP3)