The United States House of Representatives has approved a resolution, rebuking President Bush’s plan to deploy 21,500 more troops to Iraq. The vote on the non-binding resolution was 246 to 182. Seventeen Republicans joined 229 Democrats to approve the resolution that expresses support for the troops, but reservation about the wisdom of the escalation. Two Democrats opposed the measure.

West-Central Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton is a co-sponsor of the measure and managed floor debate for supporters of the resolution. Debate on the House floor in Washington stretched over four days. Skelton says, "As we approach the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion, I continue to worry that planning for the ongoing and expanding U.S. military commitment in Iraq is inadequate."

The resolution now moves to the Senate.

Download/listen Congressman Ike Skelton resolution close (5:00 MP3)