Former Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny is calling it quits after 13 years in the Major Leagues. Matheny isn?t walking out on his own terms. Like so many other athletes, injury has caused Matheny to find an alternative livelihood. The veteran suffered a concussion that held him out of the final four months of last season.

Matheny suffered the concussion after a series of foul balls continued to hit his mask. Doctors cautioned him that the risks would increase every time he was struck in the head. Matheny could not get medical clearance to play this upcoming season.

?This is not a shoulder, a knee or an elbow,? Matheny said. ?We?re talking about the brain. ? I didn?t expect this. I don?t think anybody did.?

The 36-year-old Matheny played five seasons in St. Louis (2000-04) before leaving to play for the San Francisco Giants.