The National Weather Service says the number of tornadoes that barrelled through the state, or barely made wind in 2006 marks a state record. Atmospheric Sciences Professor Anthony Lupo with the University of Missouri – Columbia says this year’s count was well above the state average of 28 tornadoes a year and about 20 storms above the old state record. Lupo says the unusual tornado activity resulted from an unusual set of circumstances where the traditional tornado alley saw drier weather. He says that means the zone of contrast between dry and wet weather – the optimal conditions for tornadoes – was further east in Missouri and Illinois. Lupo point out though the number of tornadoes spiked this year, the number of tornadoes rated F3 or above are actually decreasing in the region. He says the state saw mostly tornadoes ranked F0 or F1. Lupo says this year we should expect the tally of Missouri tornados to be about average – between 20 and 28 tornadoes.