A state senator says it’s time for a gut check in the legislature on illegal immigration. Senator Chris Koster of Harrisonville says the federal government has willingly failed to properly address the problem of illegal immigrants working in this country. He says it’s the biggest issue facing the states and it’s time to quit talking about it. Koster’s bill puts landlords out of business if they rent to an undocumented alien. And it can cost employers their businesses if they hire illegals. He says, “Anybody who thinks that we are going to solve the illegal immigration problem in the country without bringing in the employer community is simply kidding themselves” because the employer community is the lure. Koster says immigrants come to this country illegally looking for jobs. His bill, just introduced, requires employers to coordinate their hiring with the Department of Homeland Security which can check the legality of any potential employee within hours, if not within minutes. His bill does not require employers or landlords to turn in illegal workers to immigration. He says his bill just tries to remove the allure of work and housing. If the legislature passes his bill, he says, the state will have taken a major step to stop illegal immigration. The bill is just starting its movement through the legislature.