The Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat Program and a $100,000 grant to the Buck O’Neil Education and Research Center.

O’Neil served as a scout for the Royals, as he did for other teams over the years. While he was with the Royals, O’Neil sat in the same seat behind home plate at Kauffman Stadium – Section 101, Row 2, Seat 1 – for every game he attended. Now, for each of the team’s 81 home games, that seat will be awarded to special persons in the community.

“What we plan to do in 2007 is to allow one person in all 81 home games of 2007 to be a Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat honoree,” said Royals spokesman Toby Cook. “And sit in the actual space where Buck sat.”

Honorees will come from all walks of life. There are no limitations or specific criteria that one has to meet.

“Is it a firefighter who above and beyond the call of duty? Is it a soldier who returned from Irag or Afghanistan or other military personnel? Is it the teacher of the year? Is it a student who’s done something that would’ve made Buck smile? It’s all of those things and more,” said Cook.

People can be nominated for the honorary seat by logging onto the Royals website.

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