The State Transportation Department has announced an ambitious project to improve more than 5,573 miles of Missouri’s major highways before the end of 2011. MoDOT Chief Engineer Kevin Keith says the roads being targeted by what is called the Better Roads, Brighter Future program involve 34 projects on roads carrying 80 percent of every vehicle mile traveled in Missouri. These busy highways will receive wider stripes and rumble stripes, brighter signs, paved shoulders, and smooth pavement. Keith adds this program will provide a boost to Missouri’s economy, creating 48,000 jobs between now and 2011. The program will cost $1.1-Billion, using existing funds allocated for taking care of the state highway system. MoDOT Director Pete Rahn calls Better Roads, Brighter Future, “the Smooth Roads Initiative on steroids.” The Smooth Roads Initiative – which greatly improved 2,200 miles of highway – was completed, in December, ahead of schedule.

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