Financing, credit, and debt fraud is the new leader among the state’s consumer complaints to the attorney general’s office. A report from Attorney General Jay Nixon’s Office lists more than 90,000 complaints received over the last year. Spokesman John Fougere says more than 4600 of those complaints dealt with financing and credit issues. The attorney general’s office lists fraudulent charitable solicitations and fraudulent auto dealings as the second and third most common areas of complaint with about 2,000 complaints each. Fougere says the finance fraud included complaints of consumers encouraged to lie about income or employment to obtain loans, of lenders using unsolicited refinance offers that did not adequately disclose prepayment penalties and of improperly influencing and inflating appraisals as well as misrepresentative claims to repair credit histories. He says consumer education is key in battling statewide fraud issues. He encourages consumers to call 800.392.8222 or log onto if they have any consumer complaints.