Southeast Missouri Congresswoman is visiting Cuba to discuss how to increase United States agricultural exports to the country. Emerson is visiting Cuba for the fourth time; talking up Missouri rice, soybeans, poultry and pork. Emerson says she’s excited about the trip, but she isn’t quite as excited about the increased barriers the federal government has thrown up to doing business with Cuba. Cuba is required by the United States to pay in cash, funneled through a third country’s bank. Emerson calls it a discouraging development that makes trade very difficult and keeps America from selling all it can to Cuba. She would like the federal government to lift the restrictions and make it easier to trade with Cuba and adds that a change isn’t likely until there is a change of Administration. Emerson also visits at a time when Fidel Castro is ill and his brother, Raoul, leads the country. She’s not sure if the change at the top will affect the trip, though she doubts it. Emerson returns Sunday evening.