What a difference a day makes. Weather throughout Missouri has been turned on its head as we went from unseasonably warm and mild to full-force winter. The wintry blast hit Kansas City last night and left ice and power outages in its wake. At Kansas City International Airport it’s cloudy and 21. In St. Joseph, it’s a degree colder at 20. Springfield has freezing rain this morning with the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. In Joplin, it’s 28 with freezing rain. Central Missouri has much the same weather. Columbia reports freezing rain and 29 while its 31 with freezing rain in the Jefferson City. St. Louis reports light rain and 36 this morning with parts of southeast Missouri hanging on to relatively warm temperatures, though the rain has moved in and the temperatures are dropping. The National Weather Service has cancelled the ice storm warning for Kansas City and much of the western half of the state, but says a heavy snow warning begins at Noon today and will run through Friday morning. Accumulations are expected to vary with the heaviest snowfall predicted to fall south of Interstate 70, as much as eight to 14 inches, perhaps more. Anywhere from four to nine inches is expected to fall north of I-70.
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