The final count is finally in from an election bogged with voter I-D confusion and ballot shortages in some districts. A signature from the Secretary of State Robin Carnahan certified the tally of all votes from Election Day and from absentee and provisional ballots cast after the election… except for Jackson County. Carnahan says she’s not sure why, but officials still haven’t submitted the provisional ballots from that county. She says only one recount of votes is likely in the works. Totals for the 124th district’s state representative race came in under the one percent margin. Carnahan says Democratic challenger Luke Scavuzzo topped Republican incumbent Rex Rectorwith by just 22 votes and she does expect a request for a recount. Her office would have about a month to process the second tally of votes. One thing Carnahan didn’t sign off on was the state’s voting procedures. The Secretary of State suggests advanced voting, more educted poll workers and more polling stations to help streamline the voting process.