The University of Missouri Athletics Department received re-certification from the NCAA. Schools that receive certification are believed to be in full compliance with NCAA rules. The self-investigation was spearheaded by MU professor Mike Devaney.

“This was conducted by the three standing committees that we formed. One to deal with governance and compliance, one to deal with academic integrity, and the other to do with equity in student-athlete welfare,” explained Devaney.

This investigation began in 2004 with a 14 member committee. Original results from the self-study were sent to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification. Once the study was reviewed, it then went to a peer-review team and looked at again. The NCAA’s committee of certification based its certification on the two revisions.

“I am extraordinarily pleased to receive the report from the NCAA Division I Committee the MU, based on our athletics self-study, has been certified,” MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said in a press release.

Mizzou is one of only three other institutions to receive certification this year. The other schools were Bowling Green University (Ohio) and Louisiana Tech University, who received full certification. University of Texas at El Paso was certified under a condition.