A simple quiz, offered online by the Attorney General’s office, can gauge your knowledge about the Sunshine Law and, perhaps, make for more open government in Missouri. What is open to the public and what isn’t, from the school board, to city council to the State Capitol, is dictated by the Sunshine Law. The Sunshine Law is Missouri’s open meetings and open records law. It gives the public certain rights to observe government in action. Not all of us know it as we should. John Fougere with the Attorney General’s office says the quiz posted on the Attorney General’s Web site should help. One question on the quiz asks if a citizen can bring a tape recorder to the open portion of a city council meeting. There are two separate quizzes: one for the public and one for public officials. The Attorney General’s office spends a lot of time talking to public officials about their obligations under the Sunshine Law. The office held 23 training sessions which attracted 1,184 officials in 2005.Fougere says no one in the office actually thought a lot about how well the public might score on the quiz. He says the office hopes people will take the time to take the quiz and learn more about their civic rights.

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