The backers of Amendment Two say they’ll be ready if opponents want to work to overturn it or limit the proections it provides stem cell researchers. An opposing organization is starting to put together a new oppostion effort and says everything is on the table. Spokesman Connie Farrow of the Missouri Coalition for Life-Saving Cures, which pushed the Amendment to passage last week, wishes people would take the narrow approval of the proposal as an indication Missourias support stem cell research and want their researchers treated the same way other researchers are treated throughout the country. She says Missourians Against Human Cloning continue to make false claims about the Amendment and her group is ready for any of their efforts to limit or weaken the amendment’s effects. She says her orgnaization will fight any attempt to overturn the will of the people. She also thinks future research will show that many claims from opponents are unfounded. Farrow says this nation has never been the kind of country that says “enough is enough” when it comes to medical research. She admits nobody knows where embryonic stem cell research take medicine, but researchers would be remiss if they did nothing instead of searcing for cures for many diseases and conditions.