The state’s Auditor-elect wants to jump into the middle of a political controversy and she tells the Missourinet she can be objective about the hot-button subject.Auditor-elect Susan Montee says Missouri’s quasi-governmental boards need better oversight, including MOHELA, the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority. Governor Blunt proposes MOHELA sell off $350 million in assets to finance capital improvement projects on college campuses throughout the state. Critics have questioned whether MOHELA can sell off that many assets and remain viable. Montee says that is one of the questions that needs to be answered. She says she doesn’t believe the information is readily available for lawmakers, who will be asked to review the proposal during the legislative session that begins in January. Montee insists she can step into the partisan debate and conduct an objective financial analysis of the proposal by reviewing the operation of MOHELA itself, which she says is separate from the controversial nature of whether it should sell assets to finance the governor’s plan. Montee is a Democrat. Blunt is a Republican. She insists she can review the proposal without a partisan agenda. Montee is critical of the $830,000 severance package approved for Michael Cummins, fired as MOHELA executive director after he opposed Governor Blunt’s proposal. Montee says the state auditor should more closely review quasi-governmental agencies, which not only includes MOHELA, but others, such as the Missouri Technology Corporation and the Missouri Development Finance Board.