Democrat Claire McCaskill wins the United States Senate race over Republican incumbent Jim Talent by not losing as badly to him in Republican strongholds as she did to Matt Blunt in the governor’s race two years ago. Senator-elect McCaskill says the math is simple. She trimmed Jim Talent’s margins in traditional Republican regions, something she was unable to do in her race for governor against Matt Blunt in 2004. McCaskill says the campaign did much, much better in Springfield, Greene County and St. Charles County than it did two years ago. She says that combined with the enthusiasm for the campaign in Kansas City and St. Louis gave her the votes needed to win. McCaskill says the national spotlight on the campaign helped as well. McCaskill says the national attention made Missourians realize the importance of the election. McCaskill has put together an incredible political story. She took on and defeated an incumbent governor in her party’s primary, ultimately failing to win the office. But, she then returned to take on an incumbent Senator and win. McCaskill acknowledges it has been a tough four years of campaigning. And McCaskill chuckles when she says the constant campaigning has left her very, very tired.