Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill dismisses numbers which indicate the economy is strong and says the mood of the country is sour. Republican incumbent Jim Talent gets a different reading from the same numbers. McCaskill hears uneasiness among Missourians as she campaigns. She says Missourians seem frustrated and that every time President Bush says the economy is going well, the average Missourian questions his assessment. McCaskill ties the frustration she perceives with the economy. McCaskill says average Missourians aren’t benefitting from low interest rates, low inflation and low unemployment. She sees all the benefits of the economy going to the rich, especially the CEO’s of large corporations. Senator Talent credits President Bush’s tax cuts for economic growth that he insists has been strong enough to push through high energy prices and the war in Iraq. Talent doesn’t perceive unease among Missourians. Talent says there is an underlying confidence in the future of the United States, especially in the long-term. Talent says he has concerns about some aspects of the economy, but has faith in its overall strength.

Brent Martin interviews with Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill

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