The sponsor of the voter photo-ID law that has been thrown out by the state supreme court still believes the reasons behind his bill are good—although the court says the position is without foundation. The sponsor of the bill, Senator Delbert Scott of Lowry City, says Missouri voters understand there is voter fraud and his bill was enacted to stop it. But the supreme court says parties to the case all admit the law would not have affected absentee ballot fraud or registration fraud… Scott points to efforts in St. Louis and Kansas City to file apparently fraudulent registrations—although election officials in both cities say their procedures under existing laws and policies caught those attempts. But the state supreme court says the identification requirement in his law did not address “any perception of voter fraud with precision, nor is it necessary to solve any existing voter fraud problems. Furthermore, the court says there has been no evidence of voter impersonation fraud in Missouri since the legislature passed a different law four years ago. Scott says he’ll use the court ruling as a guide to writing a new voter photo-ID bill next year.