As both sides prepare to argue the Voter Photo ID case before the State Supreme Court, a Missouri Congressman tells his story about coping with the new law. West-Central Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton doesn’t drive, so he went to his hometown of Lexington to the Lafayette County license bureau to pick up his non-driver’s license photo ID needed under the new law to vote. But officials in Jefferson City told local license bureau workers that Skelton’s Congressional identification wasn’t sufficient, that he would need to present a birth certificate or passport. Skelton says he returned a month later with the passport that he had left in his Congressional office in Washington, D. C. He presented the passport and received the non-driver’s license ID. Skelton still can’t believe his Congressional ID wasn’t sufficient. He notes it’s sufficient to get him on and off airplanes. He says no one has ever questioned it and he’s flabbergasted that it wasn’t accepted. A circuit judge has thrown the Voter Photo ID law out. Whether it is reinstated will be up to the State Supreme Court, which hears the case on Wednesday.