Hundreds of disabled Missourians who have gone to the state capitol hoping state lawmakers would reinstate the Medical Assistance for the Working Disabled program have gotten nowhere. It’s not on the agenda for the veto session, which started today. An effort to get the legislature to reinstitute the during by calling a special session during the veto session has failed in the state senate. A similar effort has failed in the House. Senate democrat leader Maida Coleman tried to make a motion to call the legisalture into special session but Senate leader Michael Gibbons of Kirkwood ruled her motion was unconstitutional. However he said he would take her comments to mean that Democrats would work with Republicans next year in reforming the healthcare system in the state. Gibbons says the constitution does not allow the legislature to call itself into special session while it is holding a veto session. The veto session is held to consider overrides of any vetos from the spring session. No override attempts are expected.