For 140 years, Missouri had an order on its books telling people of a certain religion they could be killed if they practiced their faith in Missouri. The man who cancelled that order worries about a new kind of intolerance today. Governor Lilburn Boggs signed an executive order in 1838 telling Mormons to leave Missouri…or he would have the militia kill them. Hundreds died; thousands fled. That order stayed on the books until 1976, when Governor Christopher Bond replealed it, a move he says moved the state further toward tolerance, friendship, opportunity, and freedom of religion. But now, SENATOR Bond sees a rise in intolerance…partly fueled by extremists that he says have hijacked the Moslem faith….and partly fueled by immigration. He says diversity has made our nation strong. But he says some are railing agaisnt that, and some rhetoric about illegal immigration has become focused on basic bigotry and intolerance. The Mormon church has honored Bond for his actions three decades ago during a conference about Mormon history in Missouri. A church official says 56-thouand Mormons life here.