A group of Columbia 11 and 12-year olds are halfway across the country right now. The Daniel Boone Little League team is playing in the Little League World Series (LLWS) in Williamsport, PA. Eight teams from the U.S. and eight from countries around the world make up the field of 16.

The tournament is divided into Pool A, B, C, and D. There are four teams in each pool. All eight American teams are in Pool A and B. The international teams are in C and D. Each team will play the other three teams in its pool with the top two teams advancing to the next round.

Little League officials make a grand effort to create a “melting pot” among the kids. Two American teams always house with two international teams. There are also sections of the dorm building that are off-limits to parents and media. Players are accomodated with a swimming pool, video games, and various other activities off the field. Kids at the LLWS are treated like celebrities. People are constantly asking for autographs, talk show hosts lineup to schedule appearances, the US winner usually gets a trip to the White House. Not to mention the gifts each player receives for on the field play. Several sporting good companies give away equipment free of charge.

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