Politicians from throughout the state converge on Sedalia for the State Fair on a day that encourages elected officials … and those who want to be elected officials … to meet and greet with the folks. Among the big names pressing the flesh were the main candidates in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. Incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent has plenty to say about what he has done for the state over the last four years. He talks up his role in creating the renewable fuels standard and in bringing in the methamphetamine bill. For her part, Democratic Senate Candidate Claire McCaskill says she would best represent the family farmer in Missouri. She points to Senator Talent’s opposition on Country of Origin Labeling, which would allow consumers to know where meat comes from. McCaskill says consumers should know whether the meat they are buying comes from the United States or from outside the country. Talent says the Country of Origin Labeling provision he opposes would see the costs of implementation filter down to cattlemen. Both Talent and McCaskill view their appearance at the State Fair as an opportunity to shake hand and chat with Fair-goers and to ask for their votes in November. An indication of the importance of this contest is seen with the national and international media covering the Talent and McCaskill events at the Fair. Among the media outlets covering the events were C-SPAN, CBS-TV, The Washington Times, and the BBC.

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