Corey Spinks returned to the Savvis Center in July with two things on his mind… Regain the hometown fan support and win the junior-middleweight title from Roman Karmazin. In doing so, Spinks believed he might finally get the respect he deserved from the boxing world and the fight he wanted most.

More than anything else, Spinks wanted a bout against “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather. The two engaged in a verbal jousting match during a post fight press conference back in 2000, and Spinks never let the incident get by him.

Back to Savvis in July… Spinks earned a split decision victory over Karmazin and the junior-middleweight title. Talks immediately began between Spinks’ promoter Don King and the representatives for Mayweather. Well, Spinks eventually got the fight he awaited for so long. But… Less than a week after it was announced, the fight was taken away.

Spinks and Mayweather were scheduled to fight Nov. 4 in Las Vegas with Spinks taking home $2.5 million dollars, the biggest of his career. Then, almost out of nowhere, Mayweather announced he was backing out of the fight.

Rather than give Spinks the biggest pay day of his career, Mayweather signed on to fight Carlos Baldomir. The new fight is scheduled on the same day, but Mayweather will reportedly take a lesser purse than he would’ve fighting Spinks.

Next on the agenda for Spinks will most likely be a title defense against Rodney Jones.