Democrat Claire McCaskill prepares for the real race now that the primary is behind her, but don’t tell the candidate challenging United States Senator Jim Talent that the race has now begun. She says it’s been underway for some time. McCaskill expects President Bush to campaign hard for Talent. McCaskill says Talent, a Republican, should get support from President Bush, since he has voted with the president 94% of the time. But McCaskill says that might work to her advantage, because Missourians want an independent Senator.A lot of money will be spent in this race. The last financial disclosure reports show Talent with more than $7 million on hand. McCaskill had just under $3 million. McCaskill expects to be outspent by Talent, but says she is used to getting by on less. McCaskill is waging her second statewide campaign in two years. She lost to Governor Blunt in 2004. Interestingly, Senator Talent lost his gubernatorial race to Democrat Bob Holden in 2000, before winning the Senate race in 2002.

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